We're an adult swimming club based in Stroud, Gloucestershire. If you can swim 2 lengths unaided and are interested in joining see About.


Stroud Masters Membership 2022

Posted: 1 January 2022

Hello Everyone

Please find attached the Club membership form for 2022. If you could complete and return to myself and pay the annual membership fee into the club account before the end of January that would be great. If the membership form and fees are not received by the end of January then I'll assume that you do not wish to renew and your ASA registration will cease.

It is important that the membership form is fully completed and returned so we can keep our records up-to-date especially if your details or contact details have changed over the last year.

I'm pleased to say that the membership fee remains the same as previous years at £45.00 (£22.50 for second claim) as do the session fees (see below):

Sunday morning and Tuesday evening sessions: £5.00 members (trial sessions also at £5 per session up to a maximum of three sessions)

For the weekday morning sessions

  • Early weekday morning sessions: £5.00 per casual swim (pay as you swim) or
  • £45 per month in advance/SO for 3 morning sessions each week per month
  • £33 per month " " any two mornings each week per month
  • £17 per month " " any one morning each week per month

If you have any queries please let me know. Could you also let me know if you don't intend to renew your membership,

Thanks & Happy New Year


Christmas Swim Times 2021

Posted: 11 December 2021

Hello Everyone

Swim times over the Christmas break are as follows :

  • Fri 24th December - as normal
  • Sunday 26th December SPLC - no session
  • Monday 27th December - 7.30-8.30am Archway School
  • Tuesday 28th December - no session
  • Wednesday 29th December - 7.30-8.30am Archway School
  • Friday 31st December - 7.30-8.30am Archway School
  • Sunday 2nd January SPLC - no session
  • Monday 3rd January - 7.30-8.30am Archway School
  • Tuesday 4th January - all sessions back to normal

If you have any queries please let me know.



Archway morning sessions on Fri 29th and Mon 1st Nov

Posted: 23 October 2021

Hello Everyone

The sessions at Archway on 29th Oct and 1st Nov have been cancelled due to unavailability of lifeguards as Sean, Richard and Mark are all away competing in various competitions that weekend.

The Sunday morning session at Stratford Park is unaffected and will go ahead as normal,

Sorry for any inconvenience - if you have any queries let me know


Stratford Park - This Sunday

Posted: 2 October 2021

Hello Everyone

Just a reminder that we are back at SPLC on Sundays - starting tomorrow @ 7.30am

Everyone is welcome. Please make sure you have completed the return to swimming online form beforehand though.

Any queries let me know



Sunday Session Information

Posted: 26 September 2021

Dear All,

The committee is pleased to inform everyone that from Sunday 3rd October the regular Sunday morning swim session at Stratford Park will resume. The session starts at 07:30 and finishes at 09:00.

Please note that we are no longer taking cash payment on poolside. Swimmers are requested to pay £5 per session into the club bank account (unless paying by standing order) with a note of the date of the session attended.

In addition, for those who have not yet returned to the club since the Covid pandemic, please complete the mandatory form that has been e-mailed. This is required prior to attendance.

Friday morning sessions will revert to Archway Pool from 1st October at the usual time of 06:30 - 07:30.


Stroud Masters SC - Sunday morning sessions at SPLC

Posted: 13 September 2021

Hello Everyone

Good news from SPLC - we are expecting to restart our regular Sunday morning slot at 7.30am at the beginning of October. Once I have a firm date from SPLC I'll let everyone know. This will mean though that the current Friday session will revert to Archway at 6.30am.

If you have any questions let me know,


Bank Holiday Swimming - 30th August

Posted: 25 August 2021

Hello Everyone

The session on Monday 30th August at Archway will be from 7.30-8.30 am.

If you have any queries please get in contact



Pizza Evening at Stroud Brewery - 12th August

Posted: 6 August 2021

Hello Everyone

If you are interested in joining us for a pizza or just a drink at Stroud Brewery next Thursday then come along around 7pm.

If you could let Richard Searle or myself know by Tuesday that would be great. Everyone is welcome, especially our new or newer members.

Any queries let me know - have a great weekend,


Morning Swimming Archway Monday 31st May

Posted: 28 May 2021

Hello Everyone

Just to let you know that morning swimming on Monday starts at 7.30am instead of 6.30am. Back to normal on Wednesday I'm afraid


Stroud Masters Swim Sessions

Posted: 27 April 2021

Dear All,

There is finally some positive news and we are hoping that club sessions will be restarting from Monday 17th May. The following club sessions will be run from this date:

  • Monday mornings - 06:30-07:30 at Archway
  • Tuesday evenings - 18:30-20:00 at Archway
  • Wednesday mornings - 06:30-07:30 at Archway
  • Friday mornings - 07:30-09:00 at Stratford Park

Stratford Park are currently unable to offer the Sunday morning slot as they are not yet operating to their normal timetable. Once their timetable returns to normal the Stratford Park session will revert to Sunday mornings and the Friday session will move to Archway.

If you wish to attend any of the club sessions please ensure that you complete the Return to Swimming questionnaire link that has been e-mailed. You will not be able to swim unless you have completed the questionnaire online. Please read the questions carefully as not all of them can be answered by selecting no!

A further e-mail will be sent to confirm the start date for sessions once the government has given the go ahead for indoor adult group sports. We look forward to seeing you back in the pool.


The Committee