Stroud Masters Membership 2022

Hello Everyone

Please find attached the Club membership form for 2022. If you could complete and return to myself and pay the annual membership fee into the club account before the end of January that would be great. If the membership form and fees are not received by the end of January then I'll assume that you do not wish to renew and your ASA registration will cease.

It is important that the membership form is fully completed and returned so we can keep our records up-to-date especially if your details or contact details have changed over the last year.

I'm pleased to say that the membership fee remains the same as previous years at £45.00 (£22.50 for second claim) as do the session fees (see below):

Sunday morning and Tuesday evening sessions: £5.00 members (trial sessions also at £5 per session up to a maximum of three sessions)

For the weekday morning sessions

  • Early weekday morning sessions: £5.00 per casual swim (pay as you swim) or
  • £45 per month in advance/SO for 3 morning sessions each week per month
  • £33 per month " " any two mornings each week per month
  • £17 per month " " any one morning each week per month

If you have any queries please let me know. Could you also let me know if you don't intend to renew your membership,

Thanks & Happy New Year