Late Summer Curry Night at Waterland

On Thursday 3rd September 2015 approx 22 members and friends enjoyed SMSC’s inaugural ‘summer gathering’ … which we plan to build on next year (…although can someone please book the sunshine for us?).

Richard and Janice Searle spent the previous day preparing three tasty curries (a cauliflower, potato and French bean vegetable curry, chicken and chickpea Korma and a fiery chicken Madras) for the 28 swimmers, partners and children who had shown an interest in our ‘open water swim meets Eastern promise’ concept.

Kenny, Danny. Tony, Dot, Will, Janice

Kenny, Danny. Tony, Dot, Will, Janice

Although the weather was still the drab grey it had been for what seemed like several weeks, we were lucky that it didn’t rain. Several club members enjoyed a swim in the unseasonable low 17.5oC temperature water of Lake 32 – some in wetsuits, other hardier souls not … fortunately for all those swimming the site has warm showers.

Despite a fairly epic undertaking on Richard and Janice’s part, Richard decided to spoil us with his delicious home naan bread, firing individual naan’s before us on a metal skillet just before servicing! One member every said “it’s the best naan bread I’ve even tasted, just don’t tell…” Well club member XXX your secret’s safe with us.

Jessica – as Jessica does – spoilt us again with one of her magical cakes … this time a post curry checker board Tiffin cake. For those of you that haven’t been to a swim meet before, it’s become a bit of a tradition that Jessica brings along a cake for après race carb loading … well that’s how I sell it to myself – Ed). By the time the club’s pop up restaurant had closed for the night all the food had gone … so we must have got something right.

Janice runs a friendly local cookery school (one to one or small groups) so if you, a friend or a family member wants to improve their cooking skills why not take a look at Janice’s website (10% discount to club members).