Gold Medal Success for Stroud Masters at the World Masters Swimming Championships – Riccione Italy

Stroud Masters swimmers recently travelled to Riccione in Italy to compete in the 2012 World Masters Swimming Championships, an event which provides an opportunity for masters swimmers (aged 25+) from around the world to compete against each other at the highest possible level. Riccione proved to be the ideal location for this year’s championships with superb hotel, restaurant and sports facilities, all supported by a warm welcome and very sunny weather.

Sean Kinsey, Richard Searle, Lorraine Savagar, Jessica Wooddisse, Mark Patridge

Sean Kinsey, Richard Searle, Lorraine Savagar, Jessica Wooddisse, Mark Patridge

Geoff Twinning and Scott Nelson arrived ahead of the rest of the team to compete in a number of pool events. Geoff started the week with the 800m freestyle where he gained an excellent 4th place in his age-group, his best placed position of the week. Geoff also gained a 7th place in the 200m IM and 200m butterfly, as well as a 10th in the 400m IM. Scott competed in the 50m and 100m freestyle and 50m breaststroke where he finished within the top five British competitors in each event. Towards the end of the week Geoff and Scott were joined by the rest of the team, with Richard Searle swimming in the 50m backstroke where he achieved a creditable 35th position in his age group and the 100m backstroke where he finished in 29th position.

The 3km Open Water sea swim was held on the final weekend of the competition. With over two thousand competitors the event was held over two days with competitors taking to the sea in waves of sixty swimmers. Both days turned out to be bright and sunny and all of the competitors and spectators congregated on the beach which made it a great setting for the event.

In what proved to be an extremely hard fought race, as well as being the closest race of the weekend, Jessica Wooddisse held off local rival Kate Nimmo from Cheltenham to finish in first place in her age-group. Jessica was in the leading group of swimmers from the start however the race turned out to be a head to head battle with Kate from the final turning buoy with Jessica holding on to the lead and crossing the finishing line two seconds ahead of Kate, winning the Club’s first World Championship Gold medal. Jessica also finished as fastest British lady competitor and as third fastest lady from any country across all age-groups.

Lorraine Savagar swimming in her first World Championships also swam well to achieve an overall position of 50th in her age-group. Mark Partridge, Sean Kinsey and Richard Searle all entered the water as part of the largest age-group of 239 competitors. All three put in good performances with Sean achieving 14th, Richard 38th and Mark 87th place. Richard would have finished in a higher position had he not been hampered by fellow swimmers losing his hat and goggles as part of the general mayhem of the start of the race.

Overall a couple of great days of swimming by the Stroud team at a great venue in great weather. The results were a fantastic achievement for all, and just reward for all of the many hours of training put in at the pool and lakes over the past twelve months.

GEOFF TWINNING:    Age Group 30-34

800m Freestyle 4th 9.16.14 Fastest GB Swimmer
400m IM 10th 5.05.99
200m IM 7th 2.21.66
200m Butterfly 7th 2.19.36
100m Butterfly 21st 1.02.74 2nd Fastest GB Swimmer

SCOTT NELSON:      Age Group 25-29

50m Freestyle 178th 27.77 2nd Fastest GB Swimmer
100m Freestyle 114th 1.00.11 4th
50m Breaststroke 95th 35.59 5th

RICHARD SEARLE:      Age Group 45-49

100M Backstroke 29th 1.13.67 2nd Fastest GB Swimmer
50m Backstroke 35th 34.00 Fastest GB Swimmer


Age Group PLACE TIME In Age Group
Geoff Twinning 30-34 5th 29.44.6 Fastest GB Swimmer
Jessica Wooddisse 35-39 1st 31.36.0
Lorraine Savagar 40-44 50th 39.21.3 2nd Fastest GB Swimmer
Sean Kinsey 45-49 14th 30.23.2 Fastest GB Swimmer
Richard Searle 45-49 38th 32.20.8 2nd Fastest GB Swimmer
Mark Partridge 45-49 87th 35.43.7 4th Fastest GB Swimmer