Stroud Masters AGM 2019

Dear All,

The Club AGM is to be held on Monday 25th February at 6.30 pm at the Britannia in Nailsworth. Everyone is welcome to attend.

It would be great to see some new members on the committee next year and attached is a form for nominations. If you wish to stand for any of the positions on the Committee please complete and return by the 18th February with your details. If you have any questions about any of the roles don’t hesitate to contact a Committee member. For information, the current Committee positions are as follows:

  • Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Elected Members (two)
  • Non-elected members (three)

Role descriptions for the first three positions are available on the Club web-site.

Please also send me details of any resolutions you may wish to put forward at the AGM by the 18th February.



Gloucester Masters Entry Form 2018

Hello Everyone

For anyone who is interested in competing in the Gloucester Masters Open Meet this year the entry form is now available – see link below. The date is Sunday 31st March and will no doubt there will be a small contingent going from Stroud.

If you have any queries at all please get in contact with me.
The Competition Calendar on the club web-site will be updated shortly if you want any information about other events in 2019.



Membership 2019

Hello Everyone

Please find attached the Club membership form for 2019.  If you could complete and return to myself or one of the committee members before the end of January 2019 together with your membership fee that would be great.  If, however, the Membership Form and Fees are not received by the end of January then it will be assumed you do not wish to renew and your ASA registration will cease.

It is important that the membership form is fully completed and returned so we can keep our records up-to-date especially if your details or contact details have changed over the last year.
The membership fee remains the same as previous years at £45.00 (£22.50 for second claim) however due to continual yearly increases in pool hire and ASA membership costs we have unfortunately had to increase all of the session fees from 1st January as follows :

– Sunday Morning and Tuesday evening sessions:
£5.00 members (trial sessions also at £5 per session up to a maximum of three sessions)

– Early weekday morning sessions:
£5.00 per casual swim (pay as you swim)
or £45 per month in advance/SO for 3 morning sessions each week per month
    £33 per month in advance/SO any two mornings each week per month
    £17 per month in advance/SO any one morning each week per month
For those who pay by Standing Order could you amend before the 1st January please. If you wish to pay the membership fee directly into the Club bank account please see the details in Marks email.

If you have any queries please let me know. Could you also let me know if you don’t intend to renew your membership,


Xmas and New Year Session Times

Hello Everyone

You’ll be pleased to know that all sessions are on as normal except for the following:
  • Christmas Day (Archway 6.30pm) – cancelled
  • Boxing Day (Archway 6.30am) – cancelled
  • Sunday 30th December (SPLC 7.30am) – cancelled as SPLC doesn’t open until 9am.
  • New Years Day (Archway 6.30pm) – cancelled
The morning sessions at Archway on Friday 28th and Monday 31st December will start at 7.30am rather than 6.30am so everyone can have a lie in. Any queries let me know,

Pizza Evening and Special General Meeting – Thursday 27th September

Why not join us for another Pizza Evening on Thursday 27th September 2018… the last pizza evening was a great success.

We also intend to hold the Special General Meeting (SGM), postponed from 16th July, on the same evening… don’t panic, its deliberate… as we need as least 7 SMSC members present to be able to vote the new constitution in! Unless anyone has any concerns over the proposed new constitution (you shouldn’t, but if you do please do raise them with a member of the committee beforehand as it’ll be a simple Yes/No vote on 27th), the SGM should simply be a 5-minute formality … then it’s pizza and a pint for as long as you like!
clever plan… uh-huh?

Please let Richard know if you are planning to come so that we can gauge numbers.

Sponsored Swim for Level Water Charity

Steve Birch is a fairly recent member who has been swimming with us on a Sunday and Tuesday and is taking part in a sponsored swim for The Level Water Charity.

The Level Water Charity provides free one-to-one swimming lessons for children with disabilities. Without one-to-one disability swimming lessons, most of these children would never learn to swim. Level Water provides one-to-one lessons until each child has learnt to swim 15m frontcrawl and backstroke. From this point, each child is safe and independent in the water.

Steve has challenged himself to swim 6k down a fast flowing river. The event is called the Bantham Swoosh and it takes place on 14th July.

Steve has never swam this kind of distance before and so the event will be a genuine challenge for him. If you want to chip in, Steve would really appreciate it.

Stratford Park – Parking Consultation

Stroud District Council are currently undertaking  a consultation on car park charges. Most of the car parks in Stroud do already charge however in this review the District Council are considering introducing charges at Stratford Park. Please click on the link to the SDC website below for the relevant documents so you can consider the proposals.

Stroud Town Council will be collating a response and welcomes feedback. You can write to or e-mail the council in addition to a quick survey at:

This is a District Council decision and one which has already stimulated a great deal of debate. The council looks forward to receiving peoples thoughts so that it can create a response which accurately reflects the views of the local community.

Special General Meeting (New Constitution)

Dear All,

The committee has recently updated the Stroud Masters Club Constitution in line with guidelines published by Swim England. However in order for it to become effective the constitution needs to be ratified at a special general meeting. This will take place on Monday 16th July at 18:30 at The Britannia in Nailsworth. All are invited to attend. A copy of the draft constitution is available in the Documents section.