Welcome to Stroud Masters. We’re a friendly, open, and inclusive club.

Swimming in Stroud

We welcome everyone, whether you swim for fitness or competition, and whether that’s in the pool (most of the time), lake or sea. We don’t just swim either, we are a social bunch too.

All we ask is that you are at least 18yrs of age and can swim 100 metres continuously and unaided. Our pools are 20 and 25 metres long. If you’d like to join us but you don’t feel you can’t quite swim 100m please still speak to us as we’ve aquatic friends far and wide who may be able to help. Oh, and all you need is something to wear in the pool and a pair of goggles.

If you’ve a disability – and we understand not all disabilities are visible – where we can we are happy to adapt our sessions or slip you in with swimmers who swim at your pace. To help up help you, please discuss any additional needs you may have when making contact.

Your Coaches

We’ll help you feel safe in the water, as well as helping you develop and challenge yourself.

We’ve a coached session on a Tuesday evening. We also have a Sunday morning session where our sessions are facilitated – still on poolside – by some of our more experienced members who volunteer their time to support our swimmers. We also have three early morning sessions.

Even though we’ve only four lanes, there’s a lane to suit everyone.

See Training for our training times and venues. And Coaches for our coaches and facilitators.

Your fees

Annual membership of the club in 2024 is £45. Our membership form can be found in the Documents section. The membership fee is made up of Swim England and club fees. We hate to exclude anyone, so please do speak to us if you’re worried about your financial situation and you really want to get wet and join us but feel you can’t.

We don’t change our session fees often, but occasionally things outside our control mean that we have to. At all of our sessions you can pay-as-you-go (aka our occasional swim fee), or monthly, either as a once-a-week swim, twice-a-week swim, or three times-a-week swim. This reduces the price slightly, but due to pool costs it does mean you can’t carry over unused sessions into the following week. More on our sessions, including times, can be found in our Sessions section.

You may have already read it on our Home Page (in which case hopefully you’re still keen), but if you haven’t and you aren’t sure whether we, or Masters swimming, is for you, the first three swims are on us (a kind of ‘try before you buy’), so what’s not to like? If you want come along and get wet, be active, and meet new friends please do contact us through our Contact Us page.

Your Committee

No club can run without its committee, and our club is no different. Where we are different is that we are all swimmers, so it’s rare for one or more of us not to be at a session… so if you’d like to speak to one of us, please do so… but maybe not in the middle of our set!


Risk Assessments


A brief history of the club can be found here.