Stroud Masters SC at the Bracknell Masters Open Meet & Welsh Masters Championships

Stroud Masters have had a busy March so far competing at both the Bracknell Masters Open Meet, and the Welsh Masters Championships in Swansea.

A team of three swimmers made the journey to Bracknell to compete in the annual open meet hosted by the local Masters club. This is a popular meet and attracted many of the fastest swimmers in the South East region.

Richard Searle was the busiest swimmer of the team competing in four 200m events during the day. Searle won a gold medal in the 200m backstroke and silver in the 200m butterfly, whilst gaining fourth place in both the 200m freestyle and 200m IM. His time in the 200m freestyle was both a personal best time and a Club best time for his age-group.

Jessica Wooddisse swam personal bests in both the 50m freestyle and 200m freestyle where she also won gold. She was rewarded with a second gold later in the day in the 200m butterfly where she recorded the second fastest time posted by a female swimmer.

The third member of the team was Mark Partridge who gained a silver in the 50m freestyle and bronze in the 200m freestyle.

A week later Partridge and Wooddisse swam at the Welsh Masters Championships in Swansea where they came away with a total of five gold and five silver medals between them. Wooddisse dominated the 400m freestyle and 400m IM winning gold medals in each event as well as swimming personal best times.

Wooddisse also won gold in the 200m backstroke and 200m breaststroke and silver in the 100m freestyle. Partridge won gold in one of his more favoured events, the 100 breaststroke, whilst gaining silvers in each of the freestyle events. The month isn't quite over yet in terms of pool competitions for the Club as swimmers will be travelling to Millfield School to compete in the annual Royal Navy meet at the end of the March.


Event Swimmer Time Position
200m Freestyle Richard Searle 2.18.31 4th (pb)
Jessica Wooddisse 2.19.29 1st (pb)
Mark Partridge 2.22.53 3rd
50m Freestyle Mark Partridge 27.65 2nd
Jessica Wooddisse 32.04 4th (pb)
200m Backstroke Richard Searle 2.37.74 1st
200m Butterfly Jessica Wooddisse 2.40.38 1st
Richard Searle 2.49.11 2nd
200m IM Richard Searle 2.39.06 4th


Event Swimmer Time Position
400m Freestyle Jessica Wooddisse 4.52.10 1st (pb)
Mark Partridge 5.24.49 2nd
100m Freestyle Jessica Wooddisse 1.08.36 2nd (pb)
Mark Partridge 1.05.62 2nd
200m Backstroke Jessica Wooddisse 2.59.40 1st
100m Breaststroke Mark Partridge 1.21.31 1st
50m Freestyle Mark Partridge 28.80 2nd
200m Breaststroke Jessica Wooddisse 3.14.03 1st
400m IM Jessica Wooddisse 5.42.89 1st (pb)
200m Freestyle Mark Partridge 2.29.66 2nd